An innovative approach to

Title alzheimers research

You can make a difference.

Participate in our collaborative effort to help us learn more about brain-related diseases.

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Help us eliminate brain disease by getting 1 Million people to participate!

The Problem

Before we can discover new treatments for brain-related diseases,

we need to understand.

We have all met someone who can run faster or jump higher than us. When it comes to learning and remembering, the same is true. These differences are determined, at least in part, by our individual genetic blueprint which is made up of billions of letters. To study billions of letters, you need millions of people - that includes you and everyone you know. Will you help us?

The Opportunity

With your help– and millions of other volunteers like you - we can make real progress towards understanding and treating Alzheimer's disease and other brain disorders.

Before we can achieve this, we need to understand the region of the human genetic blueprint - our DNA - that determines how the brain works in healthy individuals. Then we will be better equipped to develop new medicines and therapies for individuals with brain disorders.

The Project

MindCrowd® is the first research project of its kind

to study millions of individuals by harnessing the power of the internet to help bring us closer to a cure.

The Team

MindCrowd® is a collaborative effort among leading scientific research institutions and organizations including TGEN (The Translational Genomics Institute), the University of Arizona, and the Alzheimer's Prevention Initiative.

MindCrowd® is the vision of Dr. Matt Huentelman, who believes that expanding the scope of genetic research to include Millions Of People Like You will lead to critical advancements in understanding and treating brain disorders.
Matt huentleman

Dr. Matt Huentelman

Dr. Huentelman's lab at TGen in Phoenix, Arizona studies the genomics of human neurological traits and diseases and has a specific focus on learning, memory and Alzheimer's disease. He has authored and published over 75 peer-reviewed scientific articles.

Glisky ryan

Dr. Betty Glisky and Dr. Lee Ryan

Drs. Betty Glisky and Lee Ryan at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona are collaborators on the MindCrowd Project. Their laboratories and research are focused on understanding how memory is influenced by the aging process and by diseases associated with the aging brain. They have several decades of combined experience in the creation and administration of neuropsychological tests of learning and memory.

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